Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Get off your Horse

Think of your mind as a horse.

Most likely it's a wild horse because you haven't tamed it yet.

If you identify with your thoughts, opinions, biases, and ideas, you're strapped to that horse.

Worse, you think you and the horse are one and the same. Like a centaur!

Or a 50 Centaur. BA-dum-TSsssshhhhhhh

When the horse decides to take off on a ride it's taking you along. You have no say in the matter.

Well it's high time you realize you aren't the horse, sir. 

Turn your attention inward. Listen to the thoughts that pop up involuntarily in your head. Observe how these thoughts give rise to emotions.

Observation creates separation. 

You're not a centaur after all, just a buffoon who thinks he's stuck on a horse.

Get off.

Doesn't that feel better?

Now you can watch the horse from a distance. You can see what makes it tick. You can start figuring out how to break that sonofabitch and make him listen to you for once.

You see your mind--the horse--has a mind of its own.

A mind within a mind? I know, so meta.

You never tamed the horse or learned how to ride it properly so it's been living off instinct and conditioning. You might've nudged it this way or that on occasion but I bet there were times when it snorted at you and went whichever way it pleased.

You know when you can't sleep at night and your thoughts are just spinning and spinning? There you go riding in circles.

When you find yourself rehashing past traumas? Obsessing over some minor detail? Worrying about whether you left the stove on or not for fucking hours? 

That's the horse. You're not riding it: it's taking you for a ride.

You can get off anytime.

Dissociating from your mind is the first step to taming it.

Repeat after me: I'M NOT MY HORSE.

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