Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rebirth and Ranting

Why hello there! What are you doing here? Didn't you read my last post? This blog is done. Finished. I stuck a fork in it, dude. If you're here looking for metaphysical rants or philosophical exposition, turn yourself around. You won't find any of that shit here.

Well, not much of it, anyway.

See I didn't understand the purpose of a blog until very recently. I spent all this time typing furiously, laying out my philosophy of life, preaching and ranting, trying to share something no one asked for, never once acknowledging a very simple fact.

People don't want to read that shit. They want to be entertained!

So I'll try to keep the Good News to myself going forward, or to spread it elsewhere. 

Starting now, the Meme Merchant is going to serve as a window into my deranged mind. Reading this blog will feel at times like taking a heroic dose, like being dropped into an acid trip without any warning or context. It will be disorientating and discombobulating; confusing and, I suspect, infuriating. 

Whereas before I was trying build you up, now I'm going to tear you down until you don't know your face from your ass. 

And then, maybe, we'll giggle and laugh together. 

What to expect from the Meme Merchant in the future: 

1. The unexpected

2. Short stories and poetry, random thoughts and observations, book and movie reviews, or anything else I damn well feel like.

What kind of topics to expect:

1. Human cock-fighting

2. Cooking

3. Parenting

4. Foolishness of the human animal

5. ? 

Like I said, window into my mind, folks. There's a lot of weird crap in there, too much to list here and now.

Enough chit chat. I'll end/start this with the same words I used when I asked my wife to marry me: 

So are we gonna do this or what?
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