Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Subtle Art

Not giving a fuck is a subtle art. Very few people can do it, let alone do it right.

You can't just go around not giving a fuck about anything.

That's how the amateur does it. 

The professional knows not only when but also how to give zero fucks. What I'm saying is, the professional doesn't sweat the bullshit: he only invests his fucks into things that actually matter.

Problem is, most people don't know what matters so they waste all their fucks on irrelevant and unimportant nonsense.

Some individuals think not giving a fuck is about being an insensitive ass-hat who goes around shooting people point-blank with unrefined opinions and bare-faced insults. This is the amateur turned troll. Telltale signs include lack of tact, grace, and respect.

Others think it means being sloppy, as in not giving a fuck about your work, integrity, or duties. This is the amateur turned careless slob. Telltale signs include selfishness, inconsistency, and unreliability.

You want to know where to invest your fucks? Here's what you do.

Gather up all the stuff in your life, all the problems, situations, circumstances, events, concerns and so on, and sort them into two piles: one for the stuff you can control, the other for stuff beyond your control.

The stuff you have control over is the stuff you should invest all your fucks into. It's the only time giving a fuck pays dividend!

As for the other pile, slave-turned-philosopher Epictetus would advise you to look at it and say to yourself, "This is nothing to me."

Which is just an old-timey way of saying, "Give zero fucks about this."

The only way to be happy is to stop giving a fuck about anything outside your control...

Easier said than done? You bet. You know what else is easier said than done? Bench-pressing three plates, running an ultra-marathon, swimming across the Atlantic, and just about anything you haven't trained yourself to do.

In other words, not giving a fuck requires extensive practice. And even then, you'll find yourself giving fucks when you shouldn't. It's okay! Just keep training, day in, day out. Eventually you'll wonder how you had so many fucks to give.

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