Monday, May 5, 2014


You are a spark "of divine fire struck off from the flint of the Eternal.” Encased in this tomb of flesh, the undying light of the universal spirit lies dormant inside you. It is your destiny to awaken this light.

When you speak of reaching your full potential, living in harmony with yourself and your environment, and helping others do the same, you speak of awakening the Logos, of fanning the spark until it burns bright.

The evolution of your mind, body, and soul rests in your hands. Direct your prayers inward, peel away the falsehoods that cloud your thoughts, and listen carefully to the mutterings of your spirit.

The divine spark slumbers in everyone. It is the source of myth and spirituality; of art, philosophy, and science; of love, empathy, awe, and wonder. It is the common thread that holds us together, the stitching of the collective unconscious. Like a ray of sunlight it cuts through the darkness of the unorganized mind, illuminating hidden revelations and universal truths. It elevates the consciousness, freeing it from the anchors of the flesh, of the here and now.

Before its brilliance, the cosmos assumes a new shape and form. Old eyes see anew.

The Logos dwells behind the curtain of your intellect and consciousness. Its radiance dispels the illusion of individuality, uniqueness, and separation, illusions created by the mask and costume of the flesh.

You are the universe awakened unto itself. You are the dust of dead stars compressed by the unseen hands of the cosmos.

You are a child of the stars.

The Universe is your God. At the dawn of time it unfolded in a violent detonation of matter and energy and spread across the void, giving form to the emptiness and setting rules upon matter.

You were made by God; are a part of God; and contain a piece of God inside you. You are a tiny component in a global machine called earth; earth is a component in a machine called the solar system; the solar system is a component of the Milky Way, which in turn makes up a part of the Virgo Super-Cluster.

You may wander ever outward and never reach an end.

And when you peer inside yourself the illusion of wholeness, of oneness, collapses beneath scrutiny. You are a universe unto yourself, composed of infinitely smaller divisible parts, down to the atoms and beyond.

You may wander ever inward and never reach an end.

What can your limited mind do when faced with such facts? Accept the truth. We are all One. All things are connected by mysterious and unseen forces.

Without this knowledge you are doomed to squander your brief, precious life chasing meaningless trinkets and hollow treasures.

Humankind is a child. It has only recently begun to grasp the nature of this awesome and wondrous universe, the Creator of all creators. Many have already awakened the Logos within: emulate them. All must eventually rise from the bed of ignorance and delusion to greet the glorious day.

The flame of reason, the light of the Logos, must be kindled in every soul until the black cloak of ignorance is dispelled.

You are blessed to be alive here and now. Take advantage of your circumstances: raise the beacon of reason high above the quagmire of dark thoughts and misguided notions so that it may serve as a rallying point for your brothers and sisters who are lost in the world.