Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writer's Block

Writer's block isn't the absence of ideas. It's not a roadblock.

It's more like a maze standing between you and your goal.

You spend long, agonizing moments navigating through it, turning this way and back, looking for a clear path.

Sometimes you take long detours. You get sidetracked. You lose sight of the goal completely. You start asking yourself, Why the fuck am I in this maze anyway?

You think, I should just look for another goal, another message or topic that might be easier to write about. Save this one for later, you suggest.

Then you assess how much time you've lost wandering this maze.

You track your progress. You reread what you've written thus far, a bulky mess that totally veers away your intended topic.

It's a maze of your own creation. You know how to find the way back to your goal.

Clear, concise, simple.

Eye of the tiger.


"Don't be a writer; be writing."