Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Consult Your Physician

You know when you feel the weight of sadness. You're exhausted, hopeless, anxious, or bored. No matter what you do or accomplish, you feel lonely and hollow. You're perpetually hunting down a better job, a better partner, more money, and bigger toys, but nothing fills the void in your heart.

You don't enjoy the things you once loved. Things just don't feel the same. 

These are some of the symptoms of adulthood, a serious medical condition that is on pace to affect 7 billion people worldwide. Researchers have proven that 100% of children who survive childhood will develop full-blown adulthood, a chilling fact when one examines the symptoms listed above.

What is adulthood? Biologically speaking it is marked by the onset of puberty and the ability to reproduce. Thankfully our society realizes that puberty is an inadequate marker of one's autonomy. One must learn a great deal in order to navigate the intricacies and pitfalls of this world, so much in fact that it is nearly impossible for a child to adequately prepare for the inevitable onset of adulthood.

For this reason, most developed nations set a second marker--legal adulthood--located between 18-21 depending on where you live. This second milestone is accompanied by the ability to enter legal contracts, vote, and consume regulated substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Legal adulthood is also typically accompanied by independence from one's parents and the financial burdens that come with such independence.

As a young adults you were sent out into this complex world and tasked with making the best decisions possible, not only for yourself but also for those connected to you, your friends, lovers, business partners, co-workers, parents, children, not to mention the thousands of strangers surrounding you at any given time.

Were you sufficiently prepared for such responsibilities? I know I wasn't.

Parents, teachers, and peers teach to "do good" but what does that mean, exactly? My definition of a good life probably varies from yours, as it should. Travel to another country--one that is less developed, more conservative, less free-thinking, etc.--and we find yet another definition for the good life. How can one not feel overwhelmed when loosed into the "real world," equipped only with the tools provided by a mediocre education and your parents?

The bulk of one's adult life is spent doing mundane tasks--working jobs that do not inspire, obtaining education that teaches nothing, performing chores that incite dread at the mere thought of them. Is it any wonder that sleep, an activity that entails literally doing nothing (and was often associated with death by ancient humans), has become a favorite pass-time of the masses? Those struggling with adulthood will often wake up after a full-night's sleep feeling exhausted and dreading the day ahead.

If this accurately describes your life--if you prefer the nothingness of sleep to the wonders of the universe--then prescription Curiosity might be for you.

Curiosity is not a drug, nor does it reverse the negative side-effects of adulthood. Side-effects of Curiosity are euphoria, revelation, and awe--all natural cures for boredom, emptiness, and depression.

Always feel tired? Think there's no purpose to life? Maybe you believe the world is going to shit all around us. Maybe you think human nature is to blame, that people are inherently selfish, cruel, and ignorant. Do you hate your job? Your co-workers? Do you always fight with your spouse? Are you incapable of making meaningful connections? Do you constantly blame circumstances or other people for your troubles? Do you believe you're destined to die alone, a complete and utter failure?

Whatever your problems, the solution starts with Curiosity but it certainly doesn't end there.

Prescription Curiosity will lead you to novel ideas and new ways of seeing the world. Once awakened to the awesomeness of the universe, the symptoms of adulthood will abate. You will find peace and tranquility. Every revelation brought forth by curiosity will lead to innumerable others. The hidden paths are made visible by Curiosity, and they lead to strange and wonderful places!

So what are you waiting for? Take your first dose of Curiosity and see where it takes you! Indulge every curious thought. Seek answers to every question that creeps into your mind. Follow your interests, your passions, then seek out their siblings and branch out further. Who knows where Curiosity will take you? One thing is certain: it can't be worse than going through life unhappy and unfulfilled. 

DISCLAIMER: If you have been inoculated with religion, do not take Curiosity without first consulting your priest, pastor, or spiritual custodian. Only take Curiosity if you have an open-mind, otherwise you could experience mild side-effects ranging from irritation to complete self-deception. If Curiosity is leading you to disturbing destinations you may want to consult your therapist. Keep Curiosity out of the reach from cats.